La Jaula Ideal Para Tu Hurón

The ferret cages are a safe heaven for your ferrets for when you are not home. The cage will be your ferret’s home and it’s the spot where they will spend most of their time.

I think it’s important to make it nice and cosy , full of spots to hide, things to play with , fresh food and water and a nice little corner where they can go to the toilet.

Ask yourself the question, would you like to spend heaps of time in a home where there is nothing to do, nothing to eat ( or it’s all gone stale) and the bathroom is full of poop?

I know what my answer is…NO!

Offcourse they will mess it up but just think of it this way…the messier they get the cage everyday (after you clean it out)…the more they love you!

Ferret Cages – The Basics

    • The more ferrets you have the bigger the cage should be.


    • We have a massive cage for our Bear, Binxi and Sammy. It is good for them to be able to stretch out during the day when we are at work. However…no matter how big their cage is…they will always act as if they are possessed when they are let out to play.


    • Bear does a great interpretation of the ‘weasel war dance’ which looks more like he is break dancing. Little Binxi thinks she is “Super Ferret”… she climbs onto our bed then leaps off it as far as she can with her front paws stretched out… before she lands with a thud (luckily we have soft carpet in the bedroom).


    • Have a weighted food dish so that they cannot knock it over and a water bottle.


    • We chose to have a ceramic dog dish as the food bowl because it’s a little heavier (not so easy to knock it over). Somehow they still manage to do it anyway.

As for the water we chose a bottle from a pet store that attaches onto the outside of the cage. This ensures that they get a constant supply of fresh water.
Sometimes when it is really hot we like to empty the food out after they have eaten and put some water and ice cubes in for them to play with.

    • Ferrets love dark nooks and crannies to hide and sleep in.


    • Make sure you have several pouches and/or sleeping bags for them to hideaway and sleep in. Even a nice folded blanket will be a great hiding spot.


    • You will need an area that will be the designated ferret toilet.


    • There are several available ferret toilets on the market so be sure to choose the one that suits you best. Fill it with some kitty litter and voila you have yourself a ferret toilet which you will be changing for the rest of their lives… how exciting!


    • Whether you choose to keep your ferrets inside or outside these are the basics that really should be found in all ferret cages.


    • Also its important to remember that if you are thinking of keeping ferrets outdoors then in summer its very important for them to have shade at all times… unless you like ‘fried’ or ‘frozen’ ferret… be sure to protect you fuzzy from the elements as they can be severely affected by them.

Make sure the ferret cages are clean and comfortable for your pets,they can’t do it themselves so they are relying on you to do it for them.


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